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The nightmare begins when JB Tucker, a backwoods country boy, born and raised in the Carolinas, accidentally gets infected with tiny, autonomous alien tech.  The freak pairing of the alien medical protocols, and JB’s unique human body chemistry result in immediate and far-reaching consequences.  The hundreds of millions of sub-molecular robots coursing through JB’s bloodstream have evolved well beyond their original design and capabilities.  Now he finds himself relentlessly hunted by offworlders intent on both the retrieval of their stolen technology and his utter destruction.  

As JB struggles to survive and cope with the ever expanding intelligence and power of the alien tech within him, he is thrust into the center of an intergalactic conflict that he can neither comprehend—nor escape.  If he wants to keep on living, he’ll need to keep a step ahead of his pursuers, and learn to harness the growing threat inside him.

About the Author:

Steve Zuckerman has had a long career as a music composer, orchestrator, and author.  He began his musical career at nineteen, writing and creating the soundtracks for many “Sesame Street” animated shorts.  He has also scored films ranging from the uber-campy “Spawn of the Slithis” to the super-sweet “Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eeyore.” Additionally, he’s created literally hundreds of television commercials and has published numerous short stories and several novels.  He and his wife make their home in California, and spend much of their time traveling and visiting family in Arizona and Alaska. 

His other series, “The Djinn and Tonnick Murder Mysteries” as well as several anthologies that include his short stories are published by Double Dragon Publishing and are also available on Amazon.